* Spacious & acoustically treated studios with super easy flat load access and air conditioning. * Quality PA systems, 2 vocal microphones & stands with Yamaha MG16 mixer

*Studio comes with a 5 piece drum kit and cymbal stands provided. NOTE, drums DO NOT come with cymbals nor sticks , drummers are to provide their own. * Guitar & bass amps & speakers are available but not the guitars , simply select what you need when making the booking in the “add extra” section and the gear will be available for you’re session.


Ushqimi dhe pijet nuk lejohen brenda ambienteve te studios Ndalohet rreptesisht duhani brenda ambienteve te studios Nuk lejohen pijet alkolike dhe lendet narkotike Kerko asistence per levizjen e paisjeve apo volumeve Gjithmone fikni amplifikatoret perpara se te hiqni fishen nga kitarat Ne studio lejohen vetem antaret e bandes (7 persona MAX) Trajtojini instrumentet me delikatese , per cdo dem do duhet te paguani demin Kontrolloni instrumentat perpara dhe pas , sepse cdo dem i’u ngarkohet JU Mos e akordoni baterine sipas preferences tuaj dhe kerkoni ndihme per cdo levizoje qe doni te beni Sigurohuni qe dyert jane te mbyllura perpara se te filloni te luani Pagesa behet per oret e prenotuara , studio nuk mban pergjegjesi per vonesat.

No food and drinks are allowed inside the studio Smoking is prohibited inside the studio No alcohol or drugs near the studio Ask for assistance when adjusting equipments Turn off the amplifier before plugging and unplugging guitar Only band players are alowed inside the studio (max 7 people) Treat our instruments with care , damages will be stricly charge accordingly Check the instruments before , you are liable for any damage Dont tune the drums according to your own personal preference Ask for assistance if you want to move anything Make sure the doors are closed before you start playing You pay for the hours you booked , its your fault if you are late .