• Welcome to AK Records

    Full service music production and recording studio in the heart of Tirana. We assist you making your music with the finest equipment, space and knowledge. From live recording to composing and engineering services we take your idea/demo from start to finish.

  • Welcome to AK Records

    Whatever your genre or musical proficiency - we'll make sure to take your music it to its best possible outcome. We priorities QUALITY OVER STUDIO TIME and aim to always serve your music



Recording music is different for everyone. We can accomodate almost anything from a single person to a large group. Whether it’s over top of existing material, or you’re starting organically from scratch, its up to you and your production style. We can help with almost any type of music and have a wide range of sounds and effects.


As a recording studio since 2009 we have many years of experience with audio and mixing to help spice up your production and make your tracks sound they best possibly can. We know how to cook up the sound just right. Our professional mixes will impress you and your fans and keep you coming back to the our recording studio for more.


Mastering can make the difference between your tracks sounding professional and polished, or lacking luster and sounding flat, dull or otherwise not ready for release. Mastering is the process where stereo files of the final mixes are tweaked with dynamics and equalization adjustments to finish them off and ready them for production.


Every great recording has started with the artist’s creative goals. Great music productions start with great producers. Getting the right vibe is the most important thing in any recording. What music production is can range from simply guiding you through the recording process, to choosing and setting up your instruments, working on arrangements, and adding instruments.


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Alban Skenderaj - Sikur Ta Dija

Marsela Cibukaj - Jon

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Redon Makashi - Me Mohove

Besa - TITAN (Live at the Pyramid of Tirana)

Mixed Up Everything - Soak my brain

Renis Gjoka - Po tani ?

Arilena Ara - Sound of silence

Mixed Up Everything - Knucklehead

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