Studio Details & Gear

  • AK Records can handle almost any recording or mixing session.

  • We offer an array of outboard gear and a variety of analoge mixing options.

  • The room uses Professional technology monitoring, making it one of the loudest and cleanest sounding rooms in the city.

ak records recording studio

Control Room

Approximately 25 m2
Mackie 32 8 Analog Mixer
Logic x
Cubase 11
IMac Core i5 gen 7​
LG 49β€³ Monitor



Adam A7x
Dynaudio BM12A
Adam Sub8



Avalon VT-737sp Channel Strip
UA 6176 Channel Strip
UAD Apollo 8 Interface
UAD Apollo Silver Interface
RME Fireface 800 Interface
Lexicon MPX1 Multiple Processor Fx
Alesis Q20 Master Effects
Lem CLX2 Compressor/Limiter/Gate
Alesis 3630 Compressor/Limiter/Gate
DBX 166A
Focusrite Trakmaster PRO Preamp



UAD Plugins
Rupert NEVE Plugins
Waves 12 Full Bundle
Celemony Melodyne​

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